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  Gifts for Moms


  • Pour Epsom salts into three bowls.
  • Add drops of red food coloring to one bowl, blue food coloring to another bowl, and yellow food coloring to the third bowl.
  • Stir the salts well to distribute the color, and allow the salts to dry.
  • Give your children 2 ½ - ounce baby food jars with lids.
  • Have the children each choose two colors of the salts and spoon equal amounts of the colors into their jars.
  • When their jars are full, have the children stir the colored salts together and replace their jar lids.
  • Cover each lid with a 4-inch fabric circle and secure it with a rubber band, then tie a colorful ribbon over the rubber band and tie it into a bow.
  • Attach a gift card to each child’s jar explaining that a colorful surprise will be revealed when the salts are added to the bath (the two colors of salts will produce a new color when they dissolve together in the bath water).

Variation:  2 Tbsp. glycerine and/or 1 tsp. of perfume can also be stirred into the salts, if desired.

For each of your children, you will need a half of a thin, white paper plate plus a whole paper plate.
Place the half plate on top of the whole plate, fronts facing and rims aligned.
Using a paper puncher, punch holes through both plates around the rims, about 1 ½ inches apart.
Tie one end of a long piece of yarn through two of the holes and knot it.
Make the other end into a needle by wrapping tape around it.
Then invite the child to lace the yarn in and out of the holes to fasten the plates together, forming a pocket for holding letters.
After helping the children tie off their yarn pieces, let them decorate their letter holders with marker designs and seasonal stickers.
To complete, punch two holes at the top of each letter holder and tie on a yarn hanger.
Flower Pot

Set out a plain terra cotta flower pot, acrylic paint, and one or two small foam stamps. Pour a small amount of acrylic paint onto a paper plate. Help your child press one of the small foam stamps into the paint and then onto the flower pot to make prints. Change the foam stamp or the color of the paint and let the child make more prints until the pot is completely decorated. Have your child select a small plant to put in the flower pot before giving it to his or her mother.
Napkin Rings
For each napkin ring you will need a chenille stem and several colorful beads. Help your child twist the ends of each chenille stem so that a 2-inch circle is made (to hold the napkin). Have your child thread colorful beads on each end of the chenille. Cut off the extra chenille stem as needed. Let your child experiment with bending and twisting the ends of the chenille stems as the beads are added.

Jeweled Frame
Collect a plain wooden photo frame. (Unfinished frames are available at craft stores.) Sand the rough edges of the frame and have your child brush acrylic paint all over it. Allow the paint to dry. Let your child arrange large rhinestone jewels (available at craft stores) on the frame. Glue the rhinestones in place with tacky craft glue. When the frame is ready, let your child help you choose a photograph to place inside.
Hint: While your child is working on his or her frame, remove the glass to keep it clean and safe.

Artsy Place Mat
Collect several of your child's small pieces of artwork. (These could be small pieces cut from larger artwork.) Help your child arrange the artwork onto a sheet of construction paper and glue it in place. Let your child write his or her name on the paper, and add the date. Cover the paper with clear, self-stick paper (or have it laminated) to make a very special place mat. Trim the edges of the place mat with pinking shears, if you wish.
Variation: Help your child glue small pieces of artwork to plain note cards to make stationery.
Sticker Stationery

Purchase plain note cards and envelopes. (These are available at paper supply stores and many craft stores.) Use a pencil to make four to six faint dots on the front of each note card. Give your child several note cards and a variety of stickers. Have your child place one sticker on the top of each dot on the note cards. Help your child put his or her note cards together with a matching number of envelopes and tie the stationery together with ribbon.
 Treasure Box
Let your child help you cut strips of tissue paper into squares. Make a mixture of 1 part glue to 1 part water. Give your child a small box with a lid. Have your child brush the glue mixture all over the box. Let your child arrange the tissue paper squares on the box, brushing on more of the glue mixture as needed. When the box is completely covered with tissue paper, have your child brush on a final coat of the glue mixture. Allow the box to dry overnight (or longer, if necessary).