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Creating With Paint

If you are looking for a shiny bright paint, this is a real winner.

You will need:
            White liquid glue
            Tempera paint
            Small paint brushes
            Small sheets of painting paper

Add equal parts of glue and tempera paint in a container and stir.  Mix up two to four different colors of this glue paint.
Set out the painting paper.  If you wish, cut the paper into seasonal shapes.
Let your children use small paintbrushes to brush the glue paint onto the painting paper.  Encourage them to use the glue paint to make colorful designs or pictures.
Allow the glue paint to dry (at least one to two hours). 
Have your children notice the shiny finish of the paint.

Hint:  This paint looks great on small holiday shapes, such as Easter eggs or Christmas ornament shapes.

Here is another great glue-painting activity using a salt shaker.

You will need:
            A salt shaker
            Dry drink-mix powder (two or three colors or flavors)
            White liquid glue
            Small paint brushes
            Painting paper
            Spray bottle filled with sugar water.

Fill each salt shaker with a different color of dry drink-mix powder.
Give each of your children a sheet of painting paper.
Have your children brush glue all over their papers.
Let children shake on one or two colors of drink-mix powder over the glue, creating colorful designs.
Set the children’s paintings by spraying them with a sugar water mixture.
All the painting to dry.
Sponge Painting

Pour tempera paint onto a paper plate. Show your child how to dip a small sponge into the paint and then onto a sheet of paper. Encourage your child to experiment with the sponge and paint. How many different kinds of designs can he or she make?
Hole-in-One Painting
Cover a table with newspaper. Give your child a large sheet of paper with a hole cut out of it. The hole can be big or small, in the middle or near a corner. It can be a circle or a triangle or a square. Set out tempera paint and a paintbrush. Let your child paint a picture or a design on the paper. Observe your child as he or she paints around the hole. Some children will incorporate the hole into their designs. Others will ignore it completely.
Watercolor Painting

Place a set of watercolor paints, a dish of water, a paintbrush, and paper on a table. Show your child how to use the watercolors by dipping the brush into the water, swirling it around on the watercolor he or she wants to use, and then brushing the color onto the paper.