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Creating designs with corn kernels is fun for preschoolers.

Set out a couple of small plastic lids for your child. (The kind you find on top of margarine or cottage cheese)

Give her some play dough and some popcorn kernels.
Have her fill her lid with the dough and then create a corn design by pressing the kernels into the dough.
You can leave the mosaics in the lids or you can pop them out when the dough hardens.

Save one or two cobs when you fix corn-on-the-cob and let them dry out.
Give your child a large piece of paper and the dried cobs.
Fix a paint tray for her by folding 2-3 paper towels and setting them on a plate. Then pour some tempera paint on top of the towels.
Show your child how to roll her cob through the paint and then roll it across her paper.
You can also give her a cob that has been cut in half. She can dip the flat ends of the cobs into the paint to make circle impressions on her paper.
Cut a paper towel tube into 1” sections.
Show your child how to glue corn kernels around the outside of each ring.
Let the napkin rings dry and use them on your holiday dinner table.

Cut out a large letter “C” from cardboard.
Have your child glue corn kernels on the shape.
Discuss with your child how the word “corn” starts with the letter “C”.