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3-D Art Displays
These three-dimensional displays provide a unique way to showcase your child's artwork.

Table Display
Select an empty cereal box. Put a few rocks (or other kind of weight) in the bottom of the box and tape the top shut. Cover the box with plain paper, such as plain newsprint or the reverse side of wrapping paper. Attach your child's artwork to the front and back of the box. Set the box on a table so that both sides are easy to see.
Round-About Art

Collect a coffee can or a round oatmeal box for this display. Trim your child's artwork to fit around the container. Wrap the artwork around the container and tape it in place. Place the Round-About Art anywhere-on a special shelf, by the door, on your desk, wherever you would like a colorful display of your child's art. If you wish, use the decorated container as a pencil holder.
 Art Gallery
You will need a box large enough for your child to sit in for this display. If the box is big enough, cut a door on one side of it and a window on the other. Arrange your child's artwork all over the inside, outside, and top of the box. Encourage your child to sign his or her name on the door. Place a pillow inside the box and encourage your child to relax inside his or her personal Art Gallery.