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Have your child glue strips of yellow tissue (or crepe) paper around the edge of a small paper plate.

Next, have her glue sunflower seeds to the center of the plate.
If you want a stem, you can make a nice one by rolling up a sheet of green tissue paper and twisting it into a stem.
Have your child fringe around the edges of a yellow baking cup.
Then have her glue sunflower seeds in the middle of the cup.
Stems can be made from green paper strips or green chenille stems.
Save your seeds from a watermelon.
Then, take a green paper plate and cut a red paper circle a bit smaller than the plate.
Then have your child glue the red circle on top of the green plate.
Next, have him glue your saved watermelon seeds on top of the red circle.
These turn out to look like watermelon circles.
MATH TIP: You can turn this into a great math manipulative, by cutting the plate into fourths before your child glues on the seeds. These end up looking like watermelon wedges. One wedge equals a fourth of the slice, two wedges equals half of the slice and so on. Four wedges equal a whole slice. This is a fun way for your child to discover beginning fractions.

Place some dried seeds in a bowl for your child, such as; corn kernels, green peas, pinto beans, etc.
Next, give your child a plastic tub lid and some play dough.
Have your child fill the lid with the dough and then use the seeds to create a design in the dough.
These will eventually dry and harden. They can then be popped out of the lid if you wish.