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Take a 9” x 12” piece of light weight construction paper (or typing paper) and fold it in-half.
Next, starting at the fold, fold up ½ inch.
Now draw ½ of a butterfly on the folded sheet of paper.
Cut out the butterfly.
There should be a folded part that hangs down under the butterfly.
Let your child decorate her butterfly, however she likes with crayons or marking pens.
Show your child how to hold the butterfly by the bottom ridge and by moving her hand up and down, make the butterfly flap it’s wings.

Give your child a colorful piece of thin paper, approximately 8 ½ “ by 11”.  Wrapping paper works great for this butterfly.
Next, show him how to fold his paper, back and forth, accordion style.
When he is done, help him wrap a chenille around the middle, leaving the two ends of the chenille sticking up as antennae. 
You may want to roll the ends of the chenille so they are not sharp.

You can make simple stick puppet butterflies with two small paper hearts and a large craft stick.
Have your child glue the two hearts onto to craft stick, with their heart points meeting together on the stick.
Let your child use her puppet when she sings or reads about butterflies.

Here is another simple butterfly puppet.
Give your child a cut out of a butterfly, cut from index paper, approximately 4” x 4”.
Have your child fold their butterfly in half and cut two short lines ½ inch apart in the middle of the fold.
When he opens his butterfly, he will be able to stick a finger in and out of the slits, so the butterfly stays on his finger.
Give your child a small (2” – 3”) paper circle.
Have her fold it in-half, then open it and cut it down the middle.
Now show her how to take the two sides and turn them outwards to resemble the wings of a butterfly.
Have your child glue the wings on a piece of paper.
Have child add antennae with a black crayon.
Perhaps add colorful flowers under the butterfly to complete the picture.

HAND PRINT BUTTERFLIES - can be found on the Hand Art page.

There is a really fun and easy way for your child to make a butterfly.
First, cut out two small cardboard hearts.
Give them to your child and show him how to lay the hearts on the table with their pointed ends touching. (You may want to roll tape and place it under each heart to hold it in place.)
Next, give him a piece of paper to place over the hearts and an unwrapped crayon.
Show him how to lay the crayon sideways and use it to rub over the paper on top of the hearts.
Voila! A butterfly will appear.

Give your child a coffee filter and some marking pens.
First, have her wet the coffee filter.
Next, have her use marking pens to decorate the filter.
When it has dried, give her a chenille and have her pleat the filter together and wrap the chenille around the middle.
You can cut off the rest of the chenille (be sure to leave some antennas sticking out the top) - or she can leave the rest of the chenille on and use it to make her butterfly fly up and down.

Give your child a piece of white paper and set out some small jars of food coloring.
Have him fold the paper in half and then open it up again.
Take the lid off one bottle of the food coloring and let him put one drop of coloring on one side of his paper. Repeat with the other colors.
Then have him fold the clean side of his paper on top of the painted side and rub his hand across the top of the paper. Open paper to dry.
When the paper is dry, fold it again and cut out half of a butterfly shape.

Food coloring can stain hands and countertops. Be sure to place a piece of newspaper under the white paper and have your child only put one drop of each color of dye on his paper. You can use regular tempera paint for this activity if you have it available.