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Set out a sheet of pre-pasted wallpaper (8” x 8”).
Set out a cake pan with warm water.
Have your child dip his wallpaper into the water to moisten.
Set out a can.
Have your child place the paper, paste side down over the top of the can.
Show your child how to mold the paper down over the sides.
When dry, have your child remove the paper and turn it right-side up.
Help your child attach a 1” strip of paper as a handle. Glue or staple the ends of the handle to two opposite sides of the basket.

Here is a simple basket to make with a large half-circle.
Cut out a half-circle from a 9” x 12” piece of construction paper.  Have the bottom of the half circle go clear across the 12” side of the paper.
Give the half-circles to your children and have them decorate them however you wish.
When they are finished, fold the half-circle in the middle and cut a handle by cutting through the fold 1” down from the top of the half-circle.  When you get to the other end of the arc, stop ½” from the straight edge.
Roll the half-circle into a cone and bend up the 1” handle.
Staple the ends of the cone together.
Fill with flowers and hang on someone’s door.
Here is a quick May Basket idea.
Purchase cone shaped party hats in plain colors.
Let your child fill them with real or paper flowers.
Hang the hats on door knobs by the elastic strings.


Cut an inexpensive white paper plate in half. Let your child decorate it with markers or stickers. Roll it into a cone and staple the sides in place. Then staple a paper or ribbon handle onto the cone. If you don't have a paper plate a half circle cut from heavy paper will work.

Take a brown lunch sack and with a pair of scissors, round off the top into a half circle. (This will be the top of the handle) Then fold the bag in half lengthwise and cut out a hole creating a basket handle. Give the paper basket to your child to decorate.

  • Attach handles to berry baskets.
  • Let your child decorate white styrofoam cups. Add ribbon handles.
  • Wrap wax paper and a doile around flowers, tie with a ribbon. Add a handle.