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Preschoolers love making things and your waste paper basket is a great source for art materials.
Paper towel and toilet paper tubes can be the basis for many fun projects.
Below are some summer craft ideas using cardboard tubes.

  1. Have your child glue the tops of tissue paper strips or ribbons to the inside of a small tube.
  2. Next, let them decorate their tube however they want, with markers, crayons, stickers or pieces of cut tissue paper.
  3. When she is finished, punch two holes at the top of the windsock and thread it with string or yarn. Tie the yarn together and help your child hang it on a tree or pole outside.
  4. Children also enjoy running around pulling these windsocks, watching the streamers fly.

For each bracelet, you will need a one inch section of a cardboard tube. Let your child decorate the bracelets with yarn pieces, marking pens, stickers or glue and glitter. If the bracelet is hard for your child to slip on her hand, just cut one side in half, allowing it to expand enough to slip on.

  1. Give your child a small tube and a piece of red paper cut to fit around it. Have him glue the paper to the tube.
  2. Then give him 4-10 star stickers to attach to the red paper.
  3. Next, fold up a small piece of aluminum foil and cut it into ¼" strips. Wrap the strips around the end of a straw and tape them in place.
  4. Have your child insert the straw into the tube and show him how to move the sparkler up and down. When he wants the firecracker to explode, he moves the sparkler up out of the tube. When he wants to start over again, he moves the sparkler down inside the firecracker so he can surprise everyone with a big bang!
    NOTE: Children can sing the Firecracker song while using their firecracker puppet.