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3-D Art

For each ghost you will need two white facial tissues and a chenille or pipe cleaner. Have your child lay one tissue open on a table. Then have her crumble the other tissue into a ball and place it in the middle of the opened tissue. Next, have her pull up the corners of the flat tissue and twist the tissue to create a ball head. Then, have her wrap one end of a chenille around the neck of the ghost, holding the head in place. Finally, have her loop the other end of the chenille into a holder. Now, using the holder, show her how to manipulate her ghost up and down or to fly around the room. Your child, can create a face on her puppet with a thin black marking pen.

Have your child stuff two or three small paper lunch sacks with crumbled newspaper. Twist the top of the sacks closed and wrap them with green tape. Then have your child paint the paper sacks orange. When the pumpkins are dry, have your child create a pumpkin patch by adding green vines and leaves to their pumpkins. Vines can be made by twisting strips of green tissue paper and leaves can be cut out of green construction or tissue paper.

Place a novelty fish net (found at Display and Party Stores) up in a room, held in place between two chairs or a cupboard and a wall. Set out various weaving materials for your children to use. Such as;
12" lengths of yarn (children love the fat yarn), ribbon or rick-rack.
small feathers
dried flowers and leaves
dried wheat or other grasses
thin strips of colorful material or felt

Give your child a coat hanger and five 1"x 14" strips of crepe paper. Have him drape the strips of paper over the bottom of the coat hanger and using glue, glue the top of the strip 1" down on the back side of itself. Next, give your child 10 seasonal stickers to stick to the hanging strips. Have your child place stickers on both sides of the bottom of each strip. Attach the coat hanger hook to a doorway or from a light fixture.