You will need a piece of cardboard  8” x 10” for each child, plus some yarn.
Making the Loom

  • First cut small ½ inch notches along the edges of two opposite sides of the board.
  • Next, tape a long piece of yarn to the back of the cardboard and then bring it to the front through the first notch on one side. 
  • Continue to thread the yarn up and down the board, going in and around each notch.
  • Now attach another 18” length of yarn to the back of the board and give the board to your child.

Weaving Activity

  • Have your child weave the yarn “over“ and “under”  the warp threads.
  • Continue adding additional pieces of yarn onto the board if your child wants to continue weaving.
  • Hang the weaving boards up on the wall for wall decorations.

For More Fun

  • Give your child a few small feathers to weave in and out of their yarn creation.
  • Using bright colored cardboard, adds a colorful effect to the wall hangings.


You will need two 10” sticks, yarn or twine and some 1” x 12” strips of colorful fabric for this project.

Making the Loom

  • Cut the twine into six 12 inch pieces.
  •  Tie one end of each piece of twine evenly spaced along one stick.
  • Then attach the bottom of each piece of twine to the remaining stick.
  • Tie the fabric strips to the outside piece of twine along one side.  

Weaving Activity

  • Have your child weave the fabric strips over and under the warp strings.
  • When your child is done, tie the opposite end of each fabric strip to the end piece of twine.
  • Hang up inside or outside.

For More Fun

  • Use fabric with different colors and designs to make your strips.
  • Use all fall colors to make your fabric strips.
  • Mix fabric types, such as cotton, felt, fur, etc.  


Place a novelty fish net (found at display and party stores) between the backs of two chairs or on a wall.
Set out some of the following weaving materials for your child to use to weave into the net.

  • 12” lengths of “fat” yarn
  • 12” lengths of ribbon or rick-rack
  • Small feathers
  • Dried flowers or leaves
  • Dried wheat or other grasses
  • Thin strips of colorful material or felt
  • Thin sticks
  • Shinny paper strips