• Take a plain paper plate and cut the middle section out.
  • Now take the middle section and cut it in half.
  • Staple the half circle to the plate rim, creating a visor with a headband.
  • Let your children decorate their sun visors with marking pens.


  • Take a paper plate and cut out a small 3” pie shape.
  • Place the pie shape tip under the edge of the plate (across from where it was cut out).
  • Tape or staple the small pie section to the plate. 
  • The cut out section becomes the fish’s mouth and the pie shape become his tale.
  • Children can decorate their fish with water colors, marking pens or crayons.
  • Using a black marking pen create an eye above the fish’s mouth.


  • Give your child a paper plate.
  • Have him paint or color his plate yellow.
  • When dry, give him some 2” yellow strips of tissue paper to glue underneath the outer rim (making sun rays).


  • Make a sun just like the above activity.
  • Then give your child some glue and a glue brush and have her brush glue around in the middle of her plate.
  • Finally, give her some clean coffee grounds to sprinkle over the wet glue.
  • Use sunflower heads to decorate your child’s room or add a long green stem with leaves to make a tall sunflower decoration.


  • Give your child a paper plate and some crayons.
  • Have her draw an underwater picture of fish, coral and sea plants.
  • Then, take another paper plate and cut out the center area.
  • Lay the plate flat and glue or tape some blue plastic wrap over the open area.
  • Now turn this plate up-side-down and glue or staple it over your child’s sea picture.

Alternative:  Have your child only draw fish on her plate, then let her glue on some green Easter grass, before putting the top plate on.


  • Cut a paper plate in half.
  • Next cut out eight white (or gray) 10” tissue paper strips.
  • Have your child draw on two large black eyes and a mouth on the paper plate.
  • Then have him glue on the eight paper legs.  (Attach legs to bottom back of plate)


  • Give your child a paper plate and some crayons.
  • Have her draw a colorful design onto the back of her plate.
  • Then have her paint over her design with a diluted green paint.  This will become the back of her green turtle.
  • Now cut out five small egg shapes from green construction paper.
  • Give the green shapes to your child and have her glue them onto her plate to create a head and four legs.  (Attach head and legs to the back of the painted plate.


  • Give your child a red paper plate.
  • Have her paint the rim of her plate with green paint.
  • When dry, have her spread some glue around the middle of her plate and then sprinkle on some (washed and dried) watermelon seeds.


  • Set out some paper plates, wooden toothpicks, small buttons, small pieces of foil, small gears, plastic lids, wooden spools, plastic wire, or any other safe small objects.
  • Also set out glue, tape, paper scraps, cardboard scraps, stickers, yarn, etc.
  • Encourage your children to make imaginary space crafts.

Caution:  Do not use any quarter sized items because they may be a choking hazard.