• Cut the centers out of paper plates to make fall wreaths.
  • Have your child put glue all around the paper wreath.
  • Then attach fall leaves for a Fall Leaf Wreath.

Additional Fall Wreaths

  • Have children glue feathers all around a paper wreath for a Feather Wreath.
  • Or have children glue orange paper pumpkins all around the wreath for a Pumpkin Wreath.

You will need brown paper plates for this project and some yellow baking cups.

  • Give your children the smaller paper plates and two yellow baking cups each.
  • Have the children flatten the cups and glue then onto the middle of their plates for two large owl eyes.
  • Next, cut out large tan paper triangle shapes (for ears and beak) for each child.
  • Now have your children glue the large tan triangle between the two eyes, with one point of the triangle pointing down between the eyes for the owl’s beak.  The other two points should stick out over the plate to become the owl’s ears.  The triangle should partially cover the two eyes.
  • Hang this paper plate owl’s around your room.


  • Cut out yellow paper triangles and mouth shapes for your children to use to create pumpkin faces.
  • Set out some glue, the facial cutouts and orange paper plates.
  • Have your children glue facial features on a plate, to create a pumpkin face.
  • Now take a 3” strip of green paper, loop it over and staple it to the top of the plate to for a looped pumpkin stem.
  • Run a string through the looped stems and hang the string across your room, so that the pumpkins hang down.


  • Cut out orange paper facial features for a cat; slanted eyes; triangle nose, and a crescent moon shaped mouth.  Also, cut out some black pointed ears.
  • Have your children glue the orange and black cutouts to a black paper plate to make a black cat.
  • Hang up the black cats all around your room.


  • Give each of your children a large tan paper plate.
  • Tell them they are going to make a paper plate pizza and this plate is their dough or crust.
  • Next, have them paint the middle of their plates red, to represent pizza sauce.
  • Now set out some precut paper circles and other shapes, to represent pizza toppings.
  • Have your children sprinkle some of these shapes on their pizzas.
  • And finally, give them some yellow confetti to sprinkle on for cheese.
  • When dry, hang up the pizzas around your room.