Cut 2 brown paper shapes to resemble pieces of bread.
Cut out 1 green paper lettuce shape.

Cut out 1 red paper tomato slice shape.

Cut out 1 pink paper square to resemble a piece of ham.
Cut out 1 yellow paper square to resemble a piece of cheese.
Give the paper shapes to a your child along with some glue and a paper plate.
Have your child glue the shapes one on top of the other to resemble a ham sandwich.
Variation: Put some yellow food coloring into the glue if you want to resemble spreading mustard on the sandwich. The white glue could be mayonnaise.
Lay out on a table or the floor a large strip of paper.
To start out the group sandwich cut out a brown side view of a bread slice and glue it onto the paper at the bottom.
Then let each child take a turn to glue on a food picture taken from magazines, one on top of the other.
Add another paper bread slice on the top.
Hang the sandwich collage on the wall or on a door.
Alternative: You could also do this activity with just one or two children. In this case, each person would get to glue on 2-3 different food items for the sandwich.