You will need a paper plate and a cardboard towel tube for this activity.
Place the tube in the middle of the lower half of the paper plate and draw around the tube.
Then cut the circle out of the plate creating a circular mouth for your owl.

Cut out a large orange triangular shape and two large yellow oval shapes.

Give the plate and the cut outs to your child along with some glue.
Have your child glue the triangle on the top half of the plate, with two corners sticking off the top for ears and one corner pointing down for a beak above the circular mouth.
Next, have your child glue the two ovals on the owl face for eyes.
Using a black marking pen, create black oval irises in the middle of the eye shapes.
Cut four slits ½” up around one end of the cardboard tube and bend the cardboard back.
Then, tape the tube over the back of the mouth hole. This creates a handle for your child to hold onto and also a great device for talking into.
You will need to cut out the following paper shapes for your child to make this shape owl.
8” brown oval shape (for the owl’s body).
4” brown circle (for the owl’s head).
5” orange triangle (for ears and beak).
Two yellow 2” circles (for eyes).
2 black 1 ½” oval shapes (for irises)
One 5” brown circle, cut in half (for wings) Give all the cut out shapes to your child along with some glue.
First, have your child glue the two wings onto the top of the owl body shape, with the wings sticking out a bit.
Next, have them glue the triangle over the circle head shape.
Then, glue on the eyes and irises.
Finally, glue the bottom half of the owl head over the top of the owl body.

Variation: Place the wings of the owl on with brass paper fasteners and you will have wings that can flap.

Variation: Let your child add V shapes with a brown marking pen, on the owls stomach and wings to resemble feathers.

You can make a fun pop-up owl puppet to amaze your child.

First, you will need a clean toilet paper cardboard tube.

Next, cut a 1” hole about 2” up from the bottom of the tube.
Now, decorate the rest of the tube to resemble a tree, using a green marking pen to add leaves.
Finally, mark two big eyes on your index finger, and stick it into the tube so it can be seen from the hole. Your finger becomes the owl in his hole in a tree.