By Jean Warren

Kitchens provide wonderful materials for creative projects for preschoolers. Flour for play dough, paper plates for puppets, muffin cup liners for spring flowers are but a few of the many supplies found in almost every kitchen. Below are some of my favorite kitchen crafts for preschoolers.

Give each of your children two paper baking cups and a sheet of paper.
Have them smash their cups flat and glue them on their paper.

Next, give each child two more baking cups (don’t flatten) to glue to the top of the flattened ones.

The flowers will resemble daffodils.
To finish off the flowers, let your children use green crayons or markers to draw on grass, stems, and leaves.
Make a batch of pudding.
Give each of your children a spoonful of pudding on a large sheet of paper.
After, washing their hands, let them pretend the pudding is fingerpaint and spread it all over the paper.
Children enjoy this immensely, and they love licking their fingers when they are through.

Give your children white paper napkins.

Have them fold their napkins in half two or three times.
Set out four bowls of different colors of food coloring diluted slightly with a small amount of water.
Have your children take turns dipping each corner of their napkins into a different color of dye.
Unfold the napkins and let them dry before displaying.
Children love making these edible necklaces.

Give each of your children an 18-inch length of yarn with a small piece of tape wrapped on one end to make a needle.

Have your children thread round cereal pieces onto their yarn.
When they are finished, tie the ends together and let the children wear (and eat) their cereal necklaces.
Look for flat objects in your kitchen that would be good for making rubbings.

Have each of your children choose one of the objects and place a sheet of paper over it.

Give your children unwrapped crayons to rub sideways across the paper, creating a rubbing.
Have the children trade objects to make a new rubbing.
  Display children’s rubbings on the wall.