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Cut out large dark green A shapes for your children using the large A pattern.
Have your children glue on small red poms for apples or have them place apple stickers on the shape.

Print out a number of small A patterns.
Cut them into small squares.
Have your children color the letter A’s with markers, or glue on some glitter.
Punch two holes at the top of the square or rectangle shape.
Have children string some yarn through the holes to make an A necklace.
Cut out apple tree shapes for your children of light green construction paper.
Give your children a red ink pad and an A stamp.
Show your children how to make A stamps all over the top of their tree.
Children can finish off their tree by coloring the trunk with a brown crayon.
Using the A pattern, cut out a large cardboard A.
Then cut the A into 4-8 pieces depending on the ability of your child.
Mix up the puzzle pieces and have your child put the A back together.
Store puzzle pieces in a small zip-lock bag.
Variation: Take an index card and cut it into two puzzle pieces. Draw a large capital A or lower case a on one piece and draw and color a simple A object (such as an apple) on the other side of the puzzle.
Here are some fun A objects to have your child count.
Use raisins as ants and have your child count them before eating them.
Cut out red felt circles for apples and have your child count apples on a felt apple tree.
Cut out pictures of A animals, such as; apes, and alligators or your child to count.
Set out a mailbox (cardboard shoe box).
Tape an index card on the box with a big letter A on it.
Take 12 small envelopes and write different names on the, including three that begin with the letter A, such as; Alice, Andy and Ann.
Give your child a small bag and have her deliver only the A mail to the box.

Movement activities are great for helping children understand the shapes of letters. Here are a few ideas.
Have two or three children make large letter A’s on the floor with their bodies.
Tape a giant letter A on a floor or outside area. Have your children crawl around on the letter and pretend to be ants.
Have an Ant Parade. Let your children carry A objects.
Use the large A pattern printout as a cover for an A book.
Let your children fill their books with pictures of words that begin with A.
Look for children’s books that have A words or characters in the, such as the ones below.
“I Want To Be An Astronaut” by Byron Barton. Thomas Y. Cowell Co., 1988.
“The Armadillo From Amarillo” by Lynn Cherry, Harcount Brace Jovanovich, 1994.
“Arthur’s Birthday” by Marc Brown, Little Brown & Company, 1987.
“There’s An Alligator Under My Bed” by Mercer Mayer, Dial Books, 1987.

A’s, A’s everywhere,
“I see A’s”, said the Bear.
A’s on the curtains.
A’s on the door.
A’s on the table.
A’s on the floor.

Draw a simple picture of a kitchen scene, with a table a door, curtains and a door.
Make copies of the picture for your children.
Recite the poem above.
Give your children thin marking pens and have them mark A’s on the appropriate items in the scene.
This is a good time to study animals as a unit, or just A animals, such as; ants, alligators, aardvarks, apes and armadillos.
Set up an A fruits and vegetable table where you display such items as; apples, apricots, avocados, artichokes.
Introduce your children to the accordion.
There are a number of snacks that your can have your young children when you are studying the letter A.
Have your children help you make applesauce, or apple tarts.
Serve apples cut in half, scooped out and filled with peanut butter.
Serve apricot juice or apple juice.
Serve animal crackers.
Serve avocado dip and chips.
Here are three ways to enjoy some ant snacks while studying the letter A.
Ant Hills – let children crush graham crackers in a baggie. Then dump them out onto a plate and sprinkle with raisins or chocolate sprinkles for ants.
Ants in a boat (or on a log) – fill a section of celery with cream cheese. Place raisins on top.
Ants on Cookies – Spread sugar cookies with brown or green frosting and sprinkle on raisins or chocolate sprinkles for ants.