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Make a chart of the alphabet and look for pictures of people doing these jobs to attach to your chart.  Use the chart for discussions on occupations or for your children to use when creating stories and songs.  Add other occupations your children are familiar with.

A – astronaut, announcer
B – baker, banker, ball player
C – coach, clerk, carpenter
D – doctor, dentist
E – engineer, electrician
F – fire fighter, farmer, fisherman
G – garbage man, gardener
H – helicopter pilot
I – insurance salesmen, ice cream man
J – jockey, janitor
K – karate instructor
L – librarian
M – musician, mountain climber
N – nurse
O – office worker
P – policeman, pilot, postman
Q – quarterback
R – realtor,
S – sailor, salesman, soldier
T – teacher, truck driver
U – utility worker
V – veterinarian
W – waiter, wrestler
X – x-ray technician
Y – yachtsmen
Z – zoo keeper