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Find several pairs of heart candies with identical sayings. Such as; “I Love You”, “Smile”, or “E-mail Me”.
Mix up the hearts and put them on the table.
Let your child match up the hearts by looking at the first let of each message.
Make labels for common objects in your house, such as; door, bed, chair, etc.
Encourage your child to “read” the labels to you.

Point out familiar road signs to your child, such as; “stop”, “MacDonalds”, “Quick Stop”, etc.
Encourage your child to “read” the sign to you.
One of the great things about repetition books is that it isn’t long before your child will be able to read the repeated words.
When you get to a repeated part of the book, pass the book to your child and let her read the repeated part.

Give your child a new words bracelet every day.
You can let your child choose the word, if you wish.
Encourage your child to “read” the word to friends and family.
Always give kids menus to your child when you can.
You will be amazed how easily they learn to read their favorite foods.